Aleks Morf

I am a free free-lance video editor / post-producer, explore my latest work!

Based in Zürich Switzerland. 

Whatever the job, I’ve got you covered.

Touch-and-Go - Film Editor Workflow Showreel (2021)
From Where I Sit - Editor Showreel by Alexmor Works (2021)
Modern Parallax Slideshow - Promo By Alexmor Works (2021)
Glass Intro - Promo By Alexmor Works (2021)
IZSOGOOD STUDIO - Promo by Aleks Morf (2022)
Trailer Alexmor Works edited by Aleks Morf- 2022
Runaway Diamond - Trailer (2021) (4K)
Emotional Connection, Environment & Food - Edited by Aleks Morf

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Video is a crucial ingredient in today’s modern society. I create high end videos with cutting-edge equipment, a diverse set of software tools, and dedicated editing suites. My goal is to provide you excellent services at each stage of the creative and technical process.


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Video Editing Essentials from start to finish.

Post Production Station

One-Off Productions

Numerous clients want one-off parts for film and video services.

Broadcast Video Camera

Events and Live Streamers

Able to assist all clients if they require or wish to have video coverage of their activities.

Professional camera closeup

In-House Production Assistance

If you have already produced a significant amount of raw footage and video content, I am here to edit it for you!


Send Me Your Media!

These materials, data, files, or recordings, as requested, will be transformed in conformity to any client's wishes and aspirations, which you can send to me.


Creative Branding

A unique and creative branding will help you show your business in a new light.

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✓ To work diligently, be true, and offer and provide solutions.
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Bergacker, 8046 Zürich
+41 79 550 42 86